For two decades, advertising and promotion of websites has been conducted to a large extent on the Internet. Everyone who works on the Internet constantly advertises and promotes. Changes in everyday life are introduced via the Internet. Advertising and promotional services are a fairly strongly represented field on the Internet. Information from every field can be found on the Internet. Our everyday life is changing the internet more and more. Businesses have long established themselves on the Internet. Virtual network is now the main medium. Nowadays, there is basically no one who is not active on the Internet. It’s probably obvious that when the number of ISPs increases, so does competition. The analyzes show that the most appropriate method of advertising is to pay attention to Internet users. Net is a constantly growing market offering various products and services. The foundation of a good result on the Internet today is advertising. The current advertisement uses tools and means of communication unknown in the previous century. It turns out that we have a large number of ways to promote on the Internet. Success in the Internet reality is possible by offering consumers what they are looking for. Nowadays, various advertising systems are used on the Internet. Changes in marketing are happening all the time and force a transformation. Without going into the reasons, we can say that through the Internet we have a flourishing virtual everyday life.

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